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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I’m back!

Actually, I got back on Sunday night.  We had a long weekend in Montreal.  After walking 5+ hours a day, I did indulge in some not-so-great-for-me food.

There may have been a little of this





Best red velvet cupcake ever. Apparently the cookies and cream was really good also.

Then… we have exhibit B from the weekend of poor choices.



This was a lunch that we split.

I didn’t do so hot on my breakfast either.



The Intercontinental Montreal offered a buffet breakfast in their restaurant.  Best buffet at a hotel ever.  The top plate has lox & capers, turkey breast, brie & swiss, potato latkes (x2), a crepe with maple syrup, and scrambled eggs (with potato).  The bottom is self explanatory.  I ate that darn Danish.  And loved it.

We also had dinner at a fabulous restaurant (one of the top 10 in Canada).  It’s going to get it’s own post though.

A couple of other shots…

Me in my new Coach glasses


Us in our carriage before the ride through Old Montreal


And our tour guide, CeCe


More pictures from the amazing weekend will follow!


Lynn said...

Looks like a fantastic weekend getaway!! I love Montreal! :)

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