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Monday, February 20, 2012

United Colours and Popcorn

My sister (a university student) asked me to take a picture with my man.  She wanted us to do one of those heart hand pictures.  I wasn’t sure why she asked us to do something she and her boyfriend could easily do, but we did it for her.


She told me later she was talking about us for a diversity presentation.  She has used us in a paper before and interviewed us about our cultural backgrounds and how they differ.  While I know we have slightly different cultural backgrounds, we share a religion and family values.  The only thing different about us is the food we grew up eating.  Oh, and our skin colour.  It doesn’t even occur to me that our skin is different colours.   I think interracial relationships are so common now that people don’t think as much about them.  Luckily, we’ve never had anyone give us a hard time about it.

I made the pinterest caramel popcorn that I mentioned yesterday.  It’s SO GOOD.




Mmmm.  It’s soft and delicious.  Now to try and leave it alone today.  I really need to stop baking.  Unless it’s healthy recipes.

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