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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


If you’re interested in what I’ve eaten today, don’t forget to check out my food diary!

The weather has been gorgeous today!


It’s only looking fabulous for the rest of the week (after a thunderstorm tonight)


My life has changed a little since cohabitation began on October 29th. It was inevitable, you stop living alone and your routines change.  A and I used to have “date night” every Friday.  It was the only night we were guaranteed to see each other.  Now our Friday nights have switched to grocery shopping together and having frozen pizza for dinner (gone are the days of eating out – luckily we are doing a fab job saving money in the process).  When we were at Superstore on Friday we picked up some PC Splendido Risotto (Quattro Formaggi).  I made it for dinner tonight and it was divine!  I added a little margarine and a little shredded old cheddar to it.  AMAZING!

Of course with tonight’s beautiful weather, I had the urge to BBQ!  A took out chicken thighs for me this morning and I marinaded them in a sweet and sour sauce for a couple of hours before firing up the BBQ! I also had some spicy peas and some garlic green beans.  Here’s dinner:




Looking at the pics I feel like I could already eat another plate full.

I’m happy to report I stayed right on track today and haven’t strayed at all from my healthy food plans!


Lynn's Life said...

Mmm, I love risotto, it's one of my fav foods! If I'm not making it from scratch then my go-tos are that PC one or a this one from Lundberg:

hrclark said...

Me and Dean always call our grocery shopping night date night! Funny how things change when you life together!

Healthy Jen said...

Thanks Lynn! We'll watch for it to go on sale and try it!

Holly... ain't that the truth!