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Friday, July 02, 2010

Weigh in & Sushi

Yesterday was weigh in day.

I was UP 0.1lb (not a huge change).  I’m not stressing. I’m eating well, I’m being honest with my tracking (AND I’m tracking) AND I’m going to the GYM now!  The weight will come off…

Yesterday we celebrated Canada day by enjoying some SUSHI!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves…







(not all of this food was mine… this was all of our food together.  The ice cream you are about to see was all mine).


Later in the evening I was hungry but didn’t know what I want… so I made a couple of pita pizzas. Just 2 WW pitas, pizza sauce, goat cheese, turkey pepperoni and skim mozzarella



Today I managed to get to the gym and try BodyFlow.  It was TOUGH! It’s a combo of yoga, pilates and Thai Chi.  TOUGH!  I’ll be trying it again for sure (maybe not this weekend though).

Breakfast was just some berries (no picture).  Lunch was a foot long turkey subway.  Dinner was a veggie mexican salad


We went for a 1hr walk with Chicklet and then stopped at Jamba Juice for a healthy treat.  Today’s total points is 30 (it’s okay though… I have flex points and AP’s from today!).

Today I also enjoyed a visit with the adorable Cambria.  She is my good friend’s baby. She was born at 26 weeks gestation and has come a LONG way (she’s going to be 2 months old on Monday).  She has to have heart surgery on Monday for her heart murmur.  Any positive thoughts for her are very welcome :) 

She smiles…



Miranda @ MirandasJeans said...

I love hand rolled rolls. They are pretty high up there in my list of favs for rolls. Can I ask where you went for Canada Day Sushi?

I'm going down to Kensington Market Sunday with lunch @ Fresh, I'm super pumped!

Healthy Lynn said...

0.1 lbs is nothing! Good job for tracking and sticking to your plan this week.

The sushi looks SO good, as soon as I saw it I wanted some. :)

Congrats on going to Body Flow too, sometimes the classes at the gym can be so intimidating. But sounds like you had a great work out!

Sending positive thought's for your friend's daughter. xoxo

Shrinking Jen said...

I agree Lynn. The classes totally intimidate me... but I am always glad I went afterwards!

Miranda... we went to a place up in Markham called Maison du Japon. Our favourite place is actually out in Pickering though (Liverpool/401) called Makimono.

Jen said...

The class sounds intense, but fun! Hope you're having a great week :)